STREAM: Smokes - "Body Heat"

The latest from Smokes will get you out of your chair. On "Body Heat" Patrick Cruvellier shreds on his violin while Nick Maas gets to borderline screaming, all while sounding tighter than ever.

Smokes recorded a three-song EP at Breakglass Studios last November, in one live-off-the-floor session. Here they're taking their time instead, getting down new material over the last several months. The track will be on the full-length they plan to put out next year. (Read an interview with the band from August here).

Smokes play The Plant on November 28 with Look Vibrant, Blonde Elvis and Saxsyndrum (DJ set). Listen to "Body Heat" via Exclaim! below.

Slight scores a psychedelic monastery with 'Spirit School / Tasting'

Montreal psychedelic/pop group Slight have a pair of new hi-fi tunes for you.

With Spirit School / Tasting they show two different sides of the band, honing their craft since last year's three-song Melodion. "Spirit School" seems to embody that growth, with lyrics detailing a newfound understanding of self and environment.  Their playing shines through with the improved production, a bouncing bassline propelling chant-like vocals through its choruses. 

Then that pretty guitar turns distorted for "Tasting", moving at a meditative pace as they groove in seven. It's the soundtrack for something between a commune and monastery. 

You can download Spirit School / Tasting PWYC from Slight's Bandcamp page. They're playing Casa del Popolo with Crown LarksJLK and the Bad Morning Breath and Year of Glad on November 14.

Read an interview with Year of Glad here.

Post (Yoga) Punk

[youtube=] Once the yoga session was over at The Plant, things got a little loud. We shot the guys in Kurvi Tasch in the Van Horne space ahead of their POP Montreal show.

“Collaboration is the main thing. There was a lick that we worked off of and then a chorus came after that,” said singer and guitarist Alex Nicol of their song “Dead End.”

It’s the band’s usual way of doing things, layering their parts together to form a new song.

They’ve been playing together since the fall of 2011, born in a basement in Villeray that was a short-lived rehearsal space once it became clear they were too loud.

It’s when Nicol, along with bassist Mike Heinermann and drummer Oliver Finlay all lived together in that space that the band was really formed.

“It was really more out of convenience that we started playing together,” jokes Finlay.

Kurvi Tasch is no soft-spoken folk band. Furious drums, heavily effected guitar and lead bass lines drive their almost-new wave sound. In their performance at The Plant, Nicol’s voice gave a slight Morrissey impression, floating on top of the chords in drawn out tones.

In the next few months they’re playing shows on the East Coast of Canada and New York, and they’ve already been out to Alberta earlier this year for the Sled Island Music and Arts Festival.

“Everything’s sporadic, everything’s a demo. What we need is to put out a record,” said Nicol. “We just have to learn how to record ourselves, and that’s huge for our band in the next six months.”

Originally published by The Link Newspaper.