Slight scores a psychedelic monastery with 'Spirit School / Tasting'

Montreal psychedelic/pop group Slight have a pair of new hi-fi tunes for you.

With Spirit School / Tasting they show two different sides of the band, honing their craft since last year's three-song Melodion. "Spirit School" seems to embody that growth, with lyrics detailing a newfound understanding of self and environment.  Their playing shines through with the improved production, a bouncing bassline propelling chant-like vocals through its choruses. 

Then that pretty guitar turns distorted for "Tasting", moving at a meditative pace as they groove in seven. It's the soundtrack for something between a commune and monastery. 

You can download Spirit School / Tasting PWYC from Slight's Bandcamp page. They're playing Casa del Popolo with Crown LarksJLK and the Bad Morning Breath and Year of Glad on November 14.

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