Qui just want to have fun

L.A. duo Qui sing pretty harmonies between columns of distortion in the new video for "Life, Water, Living." It's a funny video from a band that doesn't take itself too seriously. "Life, Water, Living" is the title track off their latest record, out now on Sargent House (stream the whole thing on their Bandcamp page).

The new Adebisi Shank track is an arena rock space trip

The wacky, mathy Irish sounds of Adebisi Shank return with "Big Unit" following their last record that came out in 2010 (though it was reissued the following year in North America). If "Big Unit" is any indication, they've expanded their palette even more, and the sound is now huge. They still lay the effects on thick, this track showing their love of Mr. Roboto and oscillation. Their new record (predictably) titled This is the Third Album of a Band Called Adebisi Shank is out August 12 on Sargent House.

Raise those metal horns: Mutoid Man signs to Sargent House

Cave In guitarist/singer Stephen Brodsky and Converge drummer Ben Koller have found a home for Mutoid Man's sludgy, metal grooves. The Brooklyn shredders announced today that they've signed to Sargent House (formerly HellaRed Fang, currently includes Tera MelosRussian CirclesFang Island). Find the label's full roster here.

They have an album in the works for next year, but for now here's their crushing EP Helium Head, released last fall on Magic Bullet Records.