It's all about the good Feelies for No Aloha

With a surf beat, duelling guitars and singalong oohs, No Aloha play a little ode to the end of summer with "Feelies." It's the opening track off No Problemo, their new tape with Halifax-based Poncho Records.

The local rock four-piece are releasing No Problemo at l'Esco on August 20 with The Beverleys and Holding Hands

No Aloha post two new songs for a cross-Canada tour cassette

 Local garage / power-pop four-piece No Aloha posted two new tracks last week before hitting the road.  "All Eyes" and "My Boyfriend's the Devil" start off the cassette made up of cuts off two previous EPs and a cover of "Fountain" by Montreal '80s punks The Nils. The two new tracks will eventually make it onto a record, too.

No Aloha is currently heading west, hitting every province along the way.  Catch them back in Montreal for POP, they're playing Quai des Brumes September 19.