Cry it out (trim it short) with the new track from Gulfer

Gulfer posted a track off their new LP What Gives? today, so cry it out or geek out over the noodling depending on what you're into. The local math rock/emo four-piece is wrapping up a month of touring in Europe before heading home to put out the new record.

Here's the band playing "Trim it Short" live in Venice on July 14.

New Titus sounds like old Titus, and that's great news

Titus Andronicus are back, in old scrappy form. Their last LP (2012's Local Business) was a bit too polished for my taste, Patrick Stickles' voice too pristine for his rough, champion-of-losers style. This sounds way more like the band that I (and pretty much everyone else) obsessed over when they put out the brilliant, drunken concept album The Monitor in 2010.

"Stranded (On My Own)" is the first in a series of 7" records the band is putting out starting next week, dubbed the Seven Seven Inches singles series. For the Brooklyn-dwellers catching their Shea Stadium show on July 14, they'll get this 7" for free, "Stranded" along with b-side "Sport" by Wicked Kind. It's a side project by Titus drummer Eric Harm and bassist Julian Veronesi (who replaced founding member Ian Graetzer after the Monitor tour).

Here's "Sport," by Wicked Kind.