Ought put out a new EP (and video) in their few days between tours

Post-US tour and before heading out to Europe for a month, the already-celebrated Montreal four-piece Ought are putting out an EP. But on its release date they'll probably be on a plane to France, with only a few days home amid all the touring.

Here's their video for "New Calm, Pt. 2". Once More With Feeling comes out October 28, and you can stream it below via Pitchfork

Their "post" punk pulls right from the source. You hear the headier side of CBGB, the lengthy songs and dynamics of Television and the vocal zaniness of David Byrne coming to nourish collective cravings for some substance, for songs that feel like performances in themselves, let alone stacked together in a set. 

"New Calm, Pt. 2" isn't the only video they put out this month. Watch some contemporary dancing at Montreal's Blue Cat Boxing Club in the video for "Pleasant Heart" on the Constellation Vimeo channel. It's off their (fantastic) debut LP More Than Any Other Day, out now on Constellation Records