STREAM: Smokes – 'Lemonlime'

Sweat-soaked and with a celtic feel, "Lemonlime" by local four-piece Smokes hits you in the gut and lifts you back up again. And you won't be able to get it out of your head.

"I lost all my baby teeth. They were never much help anyway," sings Nick Maas in the little tune with a big heart about growing up, an ode to self-affirmation that makes you want to jump around. The bouncing beat rattles around in your brain, an extra kick of positivity following you wherever you go.

The track is off the band's new record Zone Eater, coming out next month through local collective Oh Hi

Smokes are releasing Zone Eater at Casa del Popolo Oct. 30 with Year of Glad.

How Sad's new album 'Everything Happens' is coming out Sept. 25

If you've been to POP Montreal-related events in the last couple years, you've probably heard How Sad. But even if you haven't, the infectious pop of Harris Shper and his band will feel familiar as they lift you off your feet. How Sad's dancey, dreamy world is expanding, with new album Everything Happens coming out Sept. 25.

Here's "Cloud Nine" off Everything Happens. Catch How Sad at the Passovah Summer Fest Aug. 28 with L.A. Foster, Pascale Project, Max Henry, Dear Criminals and Commander Clark Group.

Sitting on a 'Silky Cloud' with Babysitter

Montreal's Babysitter have a full-length record of psychedelic rock coming out Sept. 4 on Psychic Handshake Records. Take a listen to their tune "Silky Cloud" below, with Jane L. Kasowicz (who also has lots of solo stuff on Bandcamp) on guitar/vocals.

Babysitter are touring with Calgary's Hag Face. Catch them at Brasserie Beaubien on Aug. 28 with Kappa Chow and Towanda.

Animal antics, love and death on 'Sourpuss' from Feefawfum

It’s a bad day at the zoo on "Sourpuss", the new single from Montreal prog-punk four-piece Feefawfum.

Despite their fairy tale troll-cry name, they're not after the blood of Christians (well, at least I don’t think so). Instead Farley Miller’s wacky vibrato belts out lines about love and death — some animal antics sprinkled in between.

"Sourpuss" resets itself twice, each iteration crazier than the last. It's a new take on the first track on their 2013 eponymous EP. Here keyboards and horns are added, giving some Zappa zaniness to their self-described “conservatory drop-out” aesthetic.

While "Sourpuss" keeps things fairly frenetic, B-side "Gone, Scarcely Having Been" takes it slow, an existential crisis set to an inebriated waltz. 

Feefawfum are playing The Plant Aug. 27 with Livestalk and the Bodies, Bedoukian/Molnar and White Cube.

Quaaludes tap 'The Honey Tree' live

Local math rock/emo four-piece Quaaludes laid down their slow-burning track "The Honey Tree" in their jamspace for The Link Live Sessions. Download the live track on Quaaludes' Bandcamp page, where you can also download (PWYC) This Is Your Future We're Talking About, their EP out now on Stack Your Roster

They're about to do some touring, but you can catch them in Montreal Aug. 22 at Casa Del Popolo to show your support before they hit the road. They're playing with fellow Stack Your Roster band Golden Python along with Strange MangersNo Friends and Swimsuits

It's all about the good Feelies for No Aloha

With a surf beat, duelling guitars and singalong oohs, No Aloha play a little ode to the end of summer with "Feelies." It's the opening track off No Problemo, their new tape with Halifax-based Poncho Records.

The local rock four-piece are releasing No Problemo at l'Esco on August 20 with The Beverleys and Holding Hands

STREAM: Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld – 'Never were the way she was'

Never were the way she was, the collaborative record between Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld, is a brilliant, emotional piece of music. They bleed soft moments of ambience into frantic crescendos, painting their souls onto each movement as they trade band and forth who takes the lead.

Despite the fact that Colin Stetson has been publicly expanding the limits of his instrument for several years now, it's still awe-inspiring how songs like the textured, dance haunt "The rest of us" are conjured with just a saxophone and violin. Though that may be understating the power of those instruments in the hands of Stetson and Neufeld. 

As expected, Colin Stetson keeps pushing his ingenious saxophone technique here — a combination of circular breathing, reed bending and throat singing — that he has been mastering with his three New History Warfare records. But he also snarls through a contrabass clarinet in the lumbering "With the dark hug of time."

Sticking to the the method of Stetson's solo records, nothing here is overdubbed or synthesized; the songs were worked out while they were touring with Arcade Fire and then later recorded live off the floor. Never were the way she was is an artefact of two musicians with vision bringing their compositions to life in that moment. The record is tied to a certain time, like the aging woman at its thematic centre.

Never were the way she was is out April 28 on Constellation Records.

Un Blonde's 'Water the Next Day' is a funky, disorienting trip

The title of the latest from Un BlondeWater the Next Day, gives you an idea of what this record will do to you. It's a disorienting, dancey trip, like taking acid and playing around with the speed of a Stevie Wonder album.

Fat, round bass lines push the prolific Jean-Sebastien Audet's sound experiments forward, freeing your ass while your mind plays catch-up. The two-minute songs meld into each other, making Water the Next Day sit halfway between an album and a mixtape. Some loops just stick around long enough to cleanse your mental palette before Audet's layered voice comes in for the next dosage of avant-garde funk. 

Un Blonde is releasing Water the Next Day April 18 at Poisson Noir with Mozart's SisterTelstar Drugs and Knows. Get it on cassette from Egg Paper Factory.

STREAM: Nanimal – 'Presentation'

Nanimal are here to provide your soundtrack for the start of the summer. Their new full-length Presentation is packed full of spunky rock tunes from former Parlovr members Louis Jackson and Jeremy MacCuish (who also plays drums in Smokes and Nancy Pants), along with Noémie Dignat and Gulfer's Vincent Dufour. Stream Presentation in full below.

Nanimal are releasing Presentation April 17 at Quai des Brumes with Pop Goes and Ripped Jeans.

Get a copy of Seoul's limited-run "The Line" seven-inch on their US/CAN tour

Montreal's Seoul make soft-edged disco cast into the 21st century, like a warm bath you want to dance in. Ahead of the release of their debut full-length I Become a Shade, they're putting out a limited-run seven-inch for their new single "The Line." 

500 copies of the seven-inch with "The Line", "Stay With Us" and an unreleased track will be available from Last Gang starting April 21, but you can get a copy ahead of that if you catch one of their shows. They'll be in Montreal April 16 at Bar 'Le Ritz' P.D.B. with Ballet School after starting the tour at The Garrison in Toronto. 

I Become A Shade is coming out June 9.