STREAM: Moon - "Gomorrah"

The video for Halifax five-piece Moon's "Gomorrah" starts with a slide reading "All about you is the softness of the perpetual summer's night", and that's a pretty good descriptor for it. With warm, warbling plucked guitar wrapped around bouncing drums and bass, it's whimsical new wave with a flute player. Their self-titled LP is coming out December 23 on the Ottawa label Bruised Tongue. Stream the Moon EP on their Bandcamp page.

New Boyhood video for "Make Up"

Watch the new video from Boyhood, after-hours sway-pop from Caylie Runciman that's part of Ottawa's Bruised Tongue label. Caylie mildly trashes a purple-lit room at Gabba Hey! as "Make Up" backs her up with warbling synth and '80s drum sounds.

Hear more Boyhood on their Bandcamp page, and read about their 2014 POP Montreal show here.

STREAM: Boyhood - "amaryllis killis"

Here's "amaryllis killis" by Boyhood, arty pop experimenters who played the Ottawa Explosion showcase at l'Esco during POP Montreal this year. It's off their latest release bits n' bobs, which starts off with what could be categorized as a few "songs" before things get a little more fragmented (not like this record begins all sheen pop or anything).

They make abstract lo-fi tunes, synthier than their fellow Bruised Tongue tape aficionados Roberta Bondar (read an interview with them here), grooving along to a drum machine for a bunch of swaying Ottawans and curious Montrealers. The guy rocking the Korg was either completely engrossed in his two-note lines or bored as hell — for the few songs I saw he never looked up to give me an idea.

Though this was the Ottawa Explosion show at POP, Boyhood were only one of two bands from the capital city (along with The Yips), the rest of the lineup being filled out with Nap Eyes and Monomyth from Halifax, Strange Attractor from Sudbury and the violent punk rock of Calgary's Hag Face (read about their show at the Craft Singles showcase here).

New video from New Swears - "Stay Gold"

Ottawa's New Swears play the piss-drunk VIPs in the video for "Stay Gold," off their new record Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever. They released the album Saturday at Gabba Hey!, the DIY venue at Capital City Rehearsal Studios in Ottawa. You can witness the madness with footage from that show in the last part of this video.

The band's en route to Europe, where they're spending Spetember touring. Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever is out now on Bachelor Records, and stream the whole thing below.

New Swears stage a street fight in "Candy Land"  

Ottawa's New Swears cop The Warriors in the street-brawl video for "Candy Land." There's no candy in this video (well maybe that's red high-fructose corn syrup gushing out of their wounds, who knows) but it's the kind of sloppy, fairly violent, good time you learn to expect from these guys (read about their prop-filled Ottawa Explosion Weekend set here). They prove you can still get rowdy with an acoustic guitar and harmonica.

"Candy Land" is off Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever, their new LP slated for release later this summer.