Watch Stefan from PUP trash his car in a demolition derby

In the new video from Toronto peppy punk outfit PUP they trash a car and then flatten it in a demolition derby. They wanted Mabu, a faithful steed to singer/guitarist Stefan Babcock's family since the '90s, to go out in a blaze of glory, and they sure succeeded at that.

Watch the mayhem above, "sponsored by PUP's breeding service and Stefan's one-stop nail and tire shop." Stream their self-titled LP here.

Push&Shove is building a safe space at loud shows

Demi Begin and Bianca David are are putting their first shows with Push&Shove at TRH-Bar this weekend.

Two Montreal promoters are starting their new company Push&Shove in a big way this weekend, taking over TRH-Bar during POP Montreal. Co-founders Demi Bégin and Bianca David aim to create a space where everyone feels welcome to enjoy the heavy stuff.

“When we decided to start the company, we were trying to figure out a way we could stand out. It didn’t seem like there was a need for another promoter in Montreal,” laughs Demi.

“I had been going to a lot of punk shows in town, and it always seems like it was just a bunch of guys, and then a couple girls. Sometimes I would feel a little out of place. So we wanted to bringing this sort of gender balance and gender equality in our shows.”

The two are in the business of booking loud shows, and, as the name suggests aren't intimidated by how physical some crowds can get. They just want to make sure that everyone feels welcome, and that some attention is given to gender diversity onstage and in the crowd.

Demi started working for POP Montreal in 2012, learning how bands get booked while working as POP creative director Dan Seligman's assistant. She quickly missed the music biz after starting a new day job this winter.

“I had this idea of producing my own show for a while, but I was always kind of scared to do that,” says Demi, who met Bianca in Concordia's journalism department. “We had a meeting one day and we said ‘let’s just do this.’”

“I would come up with lineups in my head, so when Demi said we should actually do this, I thought yes, let’s go for it,” adds Bianca.

This weekend will see punk, rock, and hardcore at the Push&Shove shows, including locals Hiroshima ShadowsShitsuCorridor, and Harsh Reality. They're also bringing in Maine punk trio Jim Dandy.

“POP is a really great way to get visibility [...] it didn’t seem that big a deal doing three shows. It was like, that’s great, more bands! It’ll be one big party,” says Demi.

Their aim is to connect Montreal bands from different scenes, while trying to break through the kind of male domination that’s typically seen in punk and metal.

“I really think that the punk culture is supposed to be progressive, but if it’s a room full of guys moshing and you’re the only girl, it can get a little intimidating. I just want everyone to feel included in the space, no matter what the show is,” Demi says.

“I’m sure there are a lot of girls that listen to the same music that I do," says Bianca. “We just want everyone to feel like they belong there.”

Push&Shove is putting on shows on September 17, 19 and 20 at TRH-Bar as part of POP Montreal. Full lineup here.

Get a goth tutorial from Wreck and Reference

Watch some stuff get painted black (that's literally all that happens in this video) with a "tutorial in goth" from L.A. noise duo Wreck and Reference.The song is "Bankrupt" off their LP of weird, dark experiments Want, which came out in June on Flenser Records.

They're putting out an eight-minute sample-based project titled Spill/Fill next week, too. It will be available for free download starting September 15 on their Bandcamp page.

Photo by Diana Lee Zadlo

METZ are recording their next album


Earlier today METZposted this photo to Facebook with the caption "Recording for record number 2 starts today at the barn." The barn being a literal barn-turned-studio in Ontario (here's a photo from outside) that's used by Holy Fuck's Graham Walsh, and has been home to WintersleepDusted and Viet Cong, to name a few. Viet Cong did a killer demo of "Bunker Buster" there with Walsh that was posted earlier this year. 

It's also where the Toronto-based noise punk trio made their crushing self-titled LP. They're just getting better live, too. METZ played at least one new song at Ottawa Explosion Weekend (maybe another, blame the beer), and it's safe to say expectations are set pretty high for this follow-up. Not to add to the hype or anything, but I think they'll deliver.

Here's "I'm a Bug", a Urinals cover they posted in June.

Stream the new drugged-up cassette from Small Teeth

Local noisy psych rock four-piece Small Teeth put out a cassette in June of recordings done across Montreal over the past year, and it's a lovely mix of jammy psychedelics and frenetic punk spirit à la Thee Oh Sees. Sip on some mushroom tea and enjoy. Download the five-track EP / buy the tape for $5 from their Bandcamp page.

Cry it out (trim it short) with the new track from Gulfer

Gulfer posted a track off their new LP What Gives? today, so cry it out or geek out over the noodling depending on what you're into. The local math rock/emo four-piece is wrapping up a month of touring in Europe before heading home to put out the new record.

Here's the band playing "Trim it Short" live in Venice on July 14.

Fakes scream into primordial punk's blackened chest cavity

 Fakes tap into the blackened chest cavity where punk's heart should be, sustaining the kind of fuzz and fury that I would expect at CBGB if I'd been alive in the '70s. The local trio delivers live, quickly banishing any chilled-out vibes from Casa earlier this month before Kurvi Tasch took the stage – subtitles for whatever movie was being projected strewn across their all-black attire for their 20-minute set. Here's their split with Harsh Reality for Misery Loves Co., get the mp3s / cassette from their Bandcamp page.

STREAM: Flesh Wounds - "Bitter Boy"

Remember rock n' roll? North Carolina trio Flesh Wounds do (and probably have the scars to prove it). Their 7" Bitter Boy on Merge Records reeks of the blues, crawling out of the rock gene pool caked in fuzz. At 1:52, the title track sticks around just long enough to drink your beer and break your bed.