STREAM: Blush - 'I' EP


Stream the new EP from local trio Blush here or download it for $7 from their Bandcamp page. "My life is all about sex and money" sings Oussama Laghzaoui ironically in "Color Television". It's an EP of dreamy pop tunes about romance and loneliness.

Blush are playing Chez Boris tonight with She Divides and Kieran Blake. So grab on cassette at the show if you're into physical possessions.

Watch Stefan from PUP trash his car in a demolition derby

In the new video from Toronto peppy punk outfit PUP they trash a car and then flatten it in a demolition derby. They wanted Mabu, a faithful steed to singer/guitarist Stefan Babcock's family since the '90s, to go out in a blaze of glory, and they sure succeeded at that.

Watch the mayhem above, "sponsored by PUP's breeding service and Stefan's one-stop nail and tire shop." Stream their self-titled LP here.

STREAM: Celestial Shore - "Hour Minute"

One of the most interesting bands I stumbled across this year at POP Montreal was Brooklyn-based Celestial Shore. The trio tried to jump the shark with every song, and while that might seem like exhausting listening, it created a unique (and highly-structured) framework for their guitar-driven pop songs. There was nothing stiff about their live show either, despite all the time changes and harmonies. They all looked pretty young — I think their potential won me over as much as their set did.

Here's "Hour Minute", off their record 10x.

Kurvi Tasch stand 'On Firm Ground' with debut LP

Kurvi Tasch are releasing their new album On Firm Ground tonight at La Sala Rossa with Archery Guild, Maylee Todd and Baked Goods, and you can stream the whole thing here via their Bandcamp page before the show. They'll be giving away a limited number of posters with download codes to get the record, and once those are gone they'll have download codes for PWYC.

The local three-piece recorded with Freelove Fenner's Peter Woodford, and Richard White from The Besnard Lakes did the mastering at Breakglass Studios. Singer/guitarist Alex Nicol picks away in a blanket of reverb, giving the record a dreamy feel even as it hits moments of intensity, like the bass & drums-dominated "Fractured Lens" and the slow-building title track. It's a consistent but unpredictable go at their first proper record.

The Mouthbreathers are for young, fun degenerates

The latest from The Mouthbreathers is for those of us who feel a little twinge of nostalgia when a Pavement song comes on, who want nothing more than some simple Blink-182 harmonies to sing along to. They released four jams readily anticipating summer on their new EP Corrupt the Youth at the beginning of May with Sackville's Killer Haze Records.

Ending the last track with a guitar solo and a key-changed chorus, the pep's been literally written into this stuff. They sing about warped vinyl and streaming American Netflix. And they've got it right; sometimes we all need to drown out our worries listening to college rock.

Get Baked with "Mick Jagger"

Get lost in good vibrations with Brooklyn psych-pop five-piece Baked, and their new single "Mick Jagger." Production-wise, it's leaps and bounds ahead of the self-titled cassette they put out last year, but there's also more life to "Mick Jagger," white-hot guitar ripping through bass and latin beats. They're touring the eastern U.S. with Titus Andronicus next month, but with their Exploding in Sound debut Debt coming out August 19, Montreal will likely get a chance to see this stuff live around then.

To Those Who Say Pop Punk is Dead...

Maybe it was the unoriginal mess of synth and reverb that preceded these guys when I saw them last month, but Cloud Nothings' performance was a stark reminder of how much I love bands that do everything live. Two guitars, bass, drumkit and a couple mics were all the Cleveland quartet needed to prove pre-laptop aesthetic is still going strong.

Caught somewhere between Pavement and Pop-Punk, the band's self-titled record runs just shy of a half hour. The entire record will pass you by before realizing the track's changed, leaving fragments of melody to bounce around inside your head for the day.

Sure, the lyric “I don't have a heartbeat/Why do you?” may be a little steeped in cheese, but it's also great to sing along to. Playing this record I'm 16 again, in the pit at a Bouncing Souls show. But the thing is, while relying on nearly nostalgic style there's something about this record that makes me look forward too. Drum machine-wielding “experimental” artists draw influence from the 80s, Cloud Nothings just look a decade ahead of that.