The Men are releasing a krautrock-inspired LP as Dream Police

The two guitarists in shape-shifting Brooklyn four-piece The Men are putting out an LP of krautrock-inspired tunes with their label Sacred Bones. Nick Chiericozzi and Mark Perro are going by the name Dream Police, the album is called Hypnotized and it's coming out on November 11. Listen to "Pouring Rain" here.

The switch makes sense, since the band has never really kept a consistent sound from album to album. Leave Home got really fucking heavy at points, and then two years later they threw in blues and country while recording in the Catskills. They've also put out two solid "rock" LPs in between.

Dream Police isn't a new concept though. The project has been around since at least 2011, with a handful of shows and a cassette-only release. The two have been playing under the name "The Men" since 2008.

Here's a clip from "Let it Be", half of a 25-minute tape they put out as Dream Police before their Sacred Bones debut as The Men came out in 2011.That LP (Leave Home) ended with "Night Landing", essentially a Dream Police song pegged to a bipolar (and excellent) record by The Men. Read a 2011 interview with Nick from The Men / Dream Police here.


New Sharon Van Etten video - "Our Love"

Sharon Van Etten tries out a bit of drum machine in the new video for "Our Love." It's an intimate (well, that's a given for Sharon) black-and-white slow dance for the Brooklyn-based singer who's only been getting bigger with some help from The National's Dressner brothers and their label Brassland. "Our Love" is off Are We There, out now on Jagjaguar.

Read an interview with Sharon Van Etten from 2011 here.

New Titus sounds like old Titus, and that's great news

Titus Andronicus are back, in old scrappy form. Their last LP (2012's Local Business) was a bit too polished for my taste, Patrick Stickles' voice too pristine for his rough, champion-of-losers style. This sounds way more like the band that I (and pretty much everyone else) obsessed over when they put out the brilliant, drunken concept album The Monitor in 2010.

"Stranded (On My Own)" is the first in a series of 7" records the band is putting out starting next week, dubbed the Seven Seven Inches singles series. For the Brooklyn-dwellers catching their Shea Stadium show on July 14, they'll get this 7" for free, "Stranded" along with b-side "Sport" by Wicked Kind. It's a side project by Titus drummer Eric Harm and bassist Julian Veronesi (who replaced founding member Ian Graetzer after the Monitor tour).

Here's "Sport," by Wicked Kind.

Pop. 1280 ride a dark, tribal wave with "Kingdom Come"

[soundcloud url="" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true" width="600" height="600" iframe="true" /]

Off the Sacred Bones 2014 Record Store Day compilation Todo Muere, Vol. 4. They're opening for White Lung tonight in Montreal at Divan Orange, Ottawa's House of Targ tomorrow (along with killer locals Pregnancy Scares), and then hit The Garrison in Toronto on Sunday.

Get delirious with Crystal Stilts

The latest from Crystal Stilts is some dark, jangly rock with someone clapping off in the distance. It's what we've come to expect after a decade of channeling The Velvet Underground, exhaling proto-punk and post punk alike. "Delirium Tremendous" starts off in an upbeat '60s haze, then flipping for a moment to something a little spacier, singer Brad Hargett left with just bass and piano around him in half-time. The band released the track as a digital-only single last week on Sacred Bones, and they'll be in Montreal June 21 at Il Motore.

STREAM: People Get Ready - "Rainbow"

Brooklyn art rockers People Get Ready have posted the second track off their sophomore LP Physiques, out June 24 on Brassland. "Rainbow" is propelled by layered vocals and driving guitar, the kind where you can geek out over its technicality and dance at the same time. For a band with connections to David Byrne and Yeasayer, it's as catchy and weird as you may expect. Get a free download of Physiques' lush title track from their Bandcamp page, along with the rest of their previous releases.