STREAM: Caddywhompus - 'Entitled'

Part of what's drawn me to Caddywhompus over the last few years is how they manage to pack a huge range of feelings and dynamics into one action (and reverb)-packed pop song. That fact might nowhere be clearer than on their new track "Entitled". Like the other songs posted from their forthcoming LP Feathering a Nest (listen to "Stuck" here), the New Orleans duo is pushing their (already formidable) chops to the limit with frenetic time changes and little synchronized, syncopated fills, but this is the first one to truly catch me off guard in its hugeness. It starts off as an almost-ballad, before exploding, and eventually finding its way into something of a breakdown before fading away. 

By the time its five minutes are through, they've covered as much ground as many bands do in a whole album. It's yet another reason to be excited for Feathering a Nest, their first record since 2011's The Weight EP

Feathering a Nest comes out November 11 on Community Records. Pre-order it on coloured vinyl here.