Colliding, synchronizing with Fog Lake's bedroom pop

Victoria Park from Fog Lake wastes no time setting its own atmosphere, enveloping whatever space it inhabits in its warmth. The record is a quilt of solo work from St. John's, Newfoundland musician Aaron Powell. Layers of home recordings flitter in the background, at times only for an instant before elevating to accompany Powell's guitar and voice ("Antidote"), or hanging back until the end where it all comes unhinged ("Bury My Dead Horse"). 

Powell stretches out his vocal phrases, pregnant pauses behind the beat as the piano pushes forward, overdubs colliding and synchronizing before they disappear. Hear that form in the title track; it starts to a swaying indie tune before falling into nothingness, the subterranean piano chords fading away.

Fog Lake is playing Brasserie Beaubien Sept. 3 with Painful Shivers and le vaisseau d'or.