Cheap Wig's Agoness is made of filth and fury

The local noise of Cheap Wig is back from tour, taking its physical form in their new record Agoness. Cutting no wave nihilism with punk rock violence, the band pounds all the filth and fury they can into the record's 10 minutes.

Recorded and mixed by Ought drummer Tim Keen, the guitar screams with feedback but it's no match for Ethel Eugene, her shouting, singing and stream-of-consciousness sex-positivity cutting through the most bludgeoning moments of Agoness. The mayhem finishes with repeated blows to the head on "Watch it Rot", but not before Ethel makes your blood curl on "Not Gonna". 

Cheap Wig are playing POP Montreal Sept. 19 at the Rialto with Babes in Toyland and Hand Cream.