Animal antics, love and death on 'Sourpuss' from Feefawfum

It’s a bad day at the zoo on "Sourpuss", the new single from Montreal prog-punk four-piece Feefawfum.

Despite their fairy tale troll-cry name, they're not after the blood of Christians (well, at least I don’t think so). Instead Farley Miller’s wacky vibrato belts out lines about love and death — some animal antics sprinkled in between.

"Sourpuss" resets itself twice, each iteration crazier than the last. It's a new take on the first track on their 2013 eponymous EP. Here keyboards and horns are added, giving some Zappa zaniness to their self-described “conservatory drop-out” aesthetic.

While "Sourpuss" keeps things fairly frenetic, B-side "Gone, Scarcely Having Been" takes it slow, an existential crisis set to an inebriated waltz. 

Feefawfum are playing The Plant Aug. 27 with Livestalk and the Bodies, Bedoukian/Molnar and White Cube.