STREAM: Big Brave - 'On The By And By And Thereon'

The meditative rumblings of Montreal post rock trio Big Brave have reached seismic proportions.

With "On The By And By And Thereon", the band breathes in unison, each inhale and exhale the size of a mountain. They come together for every crushing hit, at every pause nothing but a slight sizzle of feedback remaining. With Efrim Menuck at the production helm (fellow Thee Silver Mt. Zion member Jessica Moss contributes strings to the record), cold distortion writhes under Robin Faye's monastic staccato singing. 

The new album is called Au De La, and this is only the opening track. They're releasing the record Sept. 12 at Bar "Le Ritz" P.D.B.

Au De La:
1. On The By And By And Thereon
2. Look At How The World Has Made A Change
4. And As The Waters Go
5. (re)Collection Part II