STREAM: Braids – "Miniskirt"

Montreal-via-Calgary trio Braids have a new album coming out this spring. And with their track "Miniskirt" posted to Soundcloud last week, it sounds like they're continuing the electronic palette they set out with on Flourish//Perish. 

"It's like I'm wearing red and if I am you feel you've the right to touch me because I asked for it" sings Raphaelle Standell-Preston, as mellow synths are building up. Then the dance beat kicks in, revolving around Raphaelle's hook "My little miniskirt / think you can have it / My little miniskirt / is mine all mine." 

Deep in the Iris is coming out April 28 on Arbutus/Flemish Eye. Pre-order the record from the Arbutus website.

Here's the tracklist:

1. Letting Go 
2. Taste 
3. Blondie 
4. Happy When 
5. Miniskirt 
6. Getting Tired 
7. Sore Eyes 
8. Bunny Rose 
9. Warm Like Summer