Want a Kurvi Tasch CD? Help them get physical

Despite the pleas of many a Kickstarter campaign, crowdfunding isn't going to do all the work in making your dreams come true. To do it right (and to get the trust of strangers / fans who would potentially back you), you need to have a stake in the project before listing off perks. Montreal trio Kurvi Tasch already have a full-length album recorded, for download on Bandcamp page and on a run of cassettes. They're looking to raise some cash to make some CDs. 

It's an album of mostly mellow guitar-driven tunes recorded at Freelove Fenner's studio The Bottle Garden and mastered by The Besnard Lakes guitarist Rich White at Breakglass Studios.

You can contribute to the campaign (and check out the perks they're promising) on the French crowdfunding site Microcultures.