Majical Cloudz thank everyone they met opening for Lorde with "Your Eyes"

As a thank-you to everyone they met on their 20-show US tour with Lorde, Majical Cloudz have posted their song "Your Eyes" for free. You can download an MP3 of "Your Eyes" by submitting your email to the band's site.

The song was originally written by Devon Welsh in 2011, him and Matthew Otto re-recording the track before heading out on the tour. According to his thank-you note, Devon says they're working on new material, too.

Here's what Devon had to say about "Your Eyes":

It's kind of a relic of the earliest period of our life as a band, so if you are finding out about us for the first time in the wake of our tour with Lorde, this will take you back to the beginning of our music-making days together.

Majical Cloudz' last record Impersonator came out in 2013 on Matador Records.