STREAM: Jom Comyn - 'In the Dark on 99'

In the Dark on 99 (All the Time, All the Time) captures the isolating feeling of a frigid, snow-caked Canadian winter. Being from Edmonton, it's a feeling Jom Comyn must be all too familiar with, at least enough to name an album after trudging along 99th Ave.

He invites you in from the cold with his low, soft singing and the deliberate pace of his guitar. It's dark and comforting, an electric take on folk music with sparse drumming more for accents than rhythm until album-closer "No Waves, No Water". 

In the Dark on 99 (All the Time, All the Time) is out now on  12" vinyl though Value Records. He's playing Brasserie Beaubien Oct. 18 with fellow Edmontonians Calvin Love and OJ Pimpson and locals Old Haunt.