Un Blonde's 'Water the Next Day' is a funky, disorienting trip

The title of the latest from Un BlondeWater the Next Day, gives you an idea of what this record will do to you. It's a disorienting, dancey trip, like taking acid and playing around with the speed of a Stevie Wonder album.

Fat, round bass lines push the prolific Jean-Sebastien Audet's sound experiments forward, freeing your ass while your mind plays catch-up. The two-minute songs meld into each other, making Water the Next Day sit halfway between an album and a mixtape. Some loops just stick around long enough to cleanse your mental palette before Audet's layered voice comes in for the next dosage of avant-garde funk. 

Un Blonde is releasing Water the Next Day April 18 at Poisson Noir with Mozart's SisterTelstar Drugs and Knows. Get it on cassette from Egg Paper Factory.