STREAM: Nancy Pants - 'Total Nancy Pants'

Ohara Hale's seeming sixth sense for hooks gives Nancy Pants a shot at being as catchy as a '60s girl group while making the kind of noise more akin to garage and psychedelic rock. Tracks like "Just a Little While" and "Apple" are sweet love songs begging to be harmonized; Ohara and Adam Waito trade off lines in the appropriately-named "PROM". But the local trio pump more than nostalgia into their new full-length Total Nancy Pants. There's lots of head-bopping indie pop here too, but it's kept company by some of the best parts of "rock music" from two generations ago, as the band pretty much sticks to one guitar, one bass and a drum kit. That's all they really need to make this a great record.

Total Nancy Pants is being released November 20 at The Plant with Special Noise and Heathers.