STREAM: ¡FLIST! - Fuck You I'm Dead

Written over the course of eight years, Fuck You I'm Dead by ¡FLIST! gives off some Phantom of the Opera vibes, Charlie Twitch pounding on a synthesizer as he scores what could be the soundtrack to a zombie romance or exorcism. There's some pretty bloody imagery in tracks like "Mercury's Net" and "Four Fears", but the standout for me is the topsy-turvy "Dents de Fer". When it's not building tension in a trance-like state, Fuck You I'm Dead is a chance to dance to songs about gruesome endings.

 Fuck You I'm Dead is out now on Art Not Love Records. ¡FLIST! is releasing the album November 14 at the S.A.T.'s SATosphère dome. The show starts at 7 p.m.