STREAM: Caddywhompus - 'Feathering a Nest'

It's not out until November 11, but the new record from New Orleans noise-pop duo Caddywhompus is streaming now in its entirety. It's their first full-length since 2010's Remainder, and their slightly mathy, reverb & fuzz sound has only gotten better. They sound huge, Chris Rehm's guitar crashing into Sean Hart's precise but furious drumming.  The first half of the record features new versions of their tracks "Feathering a Nest" (now renamed "For a Little Bluebird"), "Stuck" and "Company", which were released in the free Maze Demos download in 2012. 

But it's album-closer "Layers" that steals the show, clocking in at nearly 10 minutes as it eventually morphs into a wall of white noise.

Feathering a Nest is coming out on Community Records. Pre-order the record (and check out the rest of the label's roster) here. Now they just need to book a show in Montreal for their tour.