BADBADNOTGOOD give Future Islands some soul treatment

Future Islands are pulling a bit of a Back to the Future here.

They're traveling back in time with BADBADNOTGOOD for a redux of "Seasons (Waiting on You)" so good that the original now feels like a new wave cover. It may as well be Curtis Mayfield's band that's playing.

BADBADNOTGOOD are still the hip-hop collaborators that got everyone's attention in the first place (like their recent album with Ghostface Killah), but the Toronto trio aren't ones to be pigeonholed. Their latest full-length III had hints of psychedelia, evoking some near Zappa-like moments that continued on the recent single "Velvet"

Here they're proving they can lay down some serious soul foundation, making it ever clearer where Future Islands singer Sam Herring's voice is coming from. Live, Herring puts his body and soul into every moment, pounding his chest and breaking into tears. He's been a soul singer all along, even when accompanied by synth, a drum machine, and a crunching bass. 

Here's a 2012 interview with Sam Herring. It never made it in the final story, but we talked about how the band was just getting into playing music with more of an r&b vibe. Download the re-done "Seasons (Waiting on You)" for a dollar through Amazon.