Jon Hopkins deconstructs himself on the 'Asleep Versions' EP

The latest from British producer Jon Hopkins is an attempt at reconstructing (or, more accurately, deconstructing) four tracks off his 2013 LP Immunity, with new sounds recorded in Iceland last February. On Asleep Versions "Breathe This Air" has become weightless, shedding its beat and obscuring Purity Ring's vocals with glassy synths. Braids Blue Hawaii singer Raphaelle Standell adds her voice to "Form by Firelight", transforming the maximalist original to something far more delicate.

"Open Eye Signal" is the most interesting interpretation, removing everything except for stretched, ethereal sounds that only served as background texture in the original version. Here they hold the sparse, airy composition together, as sustained piano chords slowly bring the EP to its close.

Asleep Versions is out November 11 on Domino Records.