Black Lips leave Club Soda broken, wasted and wanting more

The wreckage was only visible once the Black Lips and their Almighty Defenders brethren left the stage at Club Soda. Broken bottles covered the sitcky, black floor as dozens of wasted revellers searched for their shoes, clothing, phones, really anything that you can lose when there are limbs flying everywhere.

For the few hours before this drunken search / exodus the venue had been packed with screaming, sweaty dancers stagediving to the band's degenerate pop tunes. The Black Lips themselves weren't moving too much but, by the time they played "O Katrina" a few songs in, people were jumping onstage every few seconds, putting their faith in the masses that they wouldn't eat shit.

It mostly worked out for them.

The band was in town supporting their latest record Underneath the Rainbow, which came out in March. It might be less rowdy than their earlier stuff, but singing along to new cuts like "Funny" fit right in. By the time openers King Khan & BBQ Show joined them for a final few songs, it felt more like a victory lap than an encore.