Mac DeMarco welcomes Andy with a Burt Bacharach cover

The sultry Mac DeMarco decided to introduce his new guitarist to the world with a Burt Bacharach cover. He plays along with a drum machine in a slowed-down version of '60s pop croon "This Guy's in Love With You" (listen to the original performed by Herb Alpert here). You know the guitarist's name is Andy, because, well it's pretty much always onscreen.

If you're going to watch any of the video, let it be at 1:24.

Mac's old guitarist Peter Sagar is doing his thing as HOMESHAKE. Listen to "Making a Fool of You" here, and catch the band during POP Montreal at the Arbutus Records showcase September 19.

Andy and his mustache have a message of positivity for all of us. In the middle of the video he gives a little monologue to the camera:

"I want to let everyone in the world to know that they're beautiful, and that they're a genius, and everyone's body is gorgeous as hell," he says.

I don't really understand Mac's fame (this video was posted today and already has 18,000 views), but it's probably better to not worry about it.

Mac DeMarco is playing the Rialto Theatre November 5.