Weird Canada is setting up a digital music distro service

First they set up physical distribution, now Weird Canada is going digital. Image by Kyle McDonald.

After launching a Canada-wide distribution service for vinyl, cassettes and CDs in February, Weird Canada has now set its sights on the brave new world of streaming.

They're partnering with the National Campus and Community Radio Association to provide streaming of new, independent Canadian music to stations across the country. The project is just starting out (and they're looking for funding), so don't expect an Wyrd-ified take on iTunes in the immediate future. But it has some pretty promising potential to take down some barriers to bands that can't put together the cash for a physical release for every project.

It would also make things way easier for campus DJs to get their hands on new independent music if there was a centralized space where new stuff was hosted.

Their physical distribution service, Wyrd Distro, gets funding from FACTOR, which Canadians can apply to for cash towards their recording projects. FACTOR gets its funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage, private Canadian broadcast corporations and donations.

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