Greys try out a few forms of punk on their "If Anything" LP

The debut LP from Toronto noise rock four-piece Greys isn't out until June 17, but it's streaming right now via Buzz Records. They jokingly refer to themselves on Facebook as a shittier Metz, and it's true tracks like album-opener "Guy Picciotto" and "Pretty Grim" (and most of their older stuff) would fit right into a Metz set. But on If Anything (their first on Carpark, who are releasing the record in the U.S. while Buzz Records takes care of things north of the border) they try out some different sounds. Shehzaad Jiwani slips some more melody between screams.  "Adderall" stinks of Black Flag hardcore. We can always use some more noisey Canadian punk rock anyways.

They're touring for the rest of June and July, but nothing in Montreal for the immediate future. (They played Turbo Haus in April, which despite some gear issues still rocked.)

Here's the video for "Use Your Delusion," off If Anything.