The "Caucasians" t-shirt is not offensive, it's satire (duh)

tribecalledred So some dummy threatened to protest A Tribe Called Red's headlining spot Sunday at Ottawa's Westfest because of the t-shirt Deejay NDN is wearing in the above photo. Westfest, which despite being in the neighbourhood of Westboro (not exactly known for its joie de vivre unless that joie includes kale and expensive baby strollers), is a pretty fun place to be. And despite getting a threat to protest, there's no way anyone's actually going to show up to complain. The "Caucasians" shirt is (obviously) satire, making those who support Aboriginal stereotypes in sports stop and scratch their head for a moment.

At least that's the point. But it'll go over your head if you think racism isn't weighted by culture and history. The shirt is literally the Cleveland Indians logo but with the red substituted for white and the feather for a dollar sign. If anything, it's a case of copyright infringement.

A Tribe Called Red is playing POP Montreal's lineup announcement party (free show) on August 27.