Hounds killed at their first Montreal show

As Flatliners singer Chris Cresswell softly strummed the end of his acoustic set, something just a little heavier was going to happen upstairs at Pirhana Bar. Cresswell wasn't the only Flats member pulling double-duty at Pouzza Fest on Saturday — drummer Paul Ramirez was about to hit the stage with his killer new band Hounds.

Dig it Up singer Mike Rokos takes command of the stage in an instant, belting out quick lines as the band shreds machine-gun hardcore around him. He leans on the stage's low roof, glaring at the packed crowd with demon eyes. Ramirez is a machine, pounding the kit alongside bassist Brad Bently (Saint Alvia) and guitarist Patrick Mathers (The Victim Party). They bashed out their minute-long songs to a sweaty, drunken late-night Pouzza crowd that ate it right up.

With a set barely over 20 minutes, we're left wanting more. Hopefully they have some more shows coming soon with more material. Dig it Up bassist Balloo's hardcore five-piece Hashed Out is putting out an EP next month — and The Flatliners aren't touring much in June and July — so the timing might be right. In a perfect world, they'd all tour together and open for themselves as Hounds.

Here's "Saps," a demo they posted in February.