Another PUP video, with more dead people

The new video from PUP makes a play on Stand by Me, but this time they do the killing with way less blood. Regular sized-PUP and child-sized PUP walk down railroad tracks and jam in the forest in their new video for "Guilt Trip."

It's the second video (watch the gore-filled video for "Reservoir" here) and first track off their killer self-titled record — setting the pace for a half-hour of hot distortion and Stefan Babcock screaming his guts out. By the time PUP nears its close it's verging on thrash metal.

The record came out on Side One Dummy, who PUP signed with at the end of last year. Toronto's power punk rock four-piece is also with Hollerado's Royal Mountain Records, who released their Oceans 7" when the band still went by Topanga.

Nearly every song on PUP makes you want to scream back at your stereo, and back at their faces, live. Expect these guys on the Polaris long list. Last week they beat out The Flatliners, Protest the Hero and Cancer Bats in the punk category for Siriux XM's Indie Awards.

What song will be the next video? My bet is "Back Against the Wall."

They're on tour in the U.K. right now, and christened Ottawa's House of Targ last month with all present left in sweaty exuberance — the set ending in Gob and Beastie Boys covers. Montreal needs to show these guys some love.

Stream the record here.