New video For "Nils Frahm" from Montreal producer BUFFLO

The new video for Montreal-based producer BUFFLO is arty and unnerving, fitting for "Nils Frahm" and the whole horror vibe of Unseam'd, released in early 2014. The video, directed by Julia Milz, is a black and white (and blood-and-wire) visual score to BUFFLO's dark IDM, cutting back and forth between actors Burcu Emeç and Peter Shaw as they commit acts of (self)torture.

"Nils Frahm" wades through waves of ambient piano until it meets distortion in an instant. Emeç twists her body, lost in the piano, while Shaw revels in the heavy moments, a demon baby bashing a synthesizer as black tar oozes out his ears.

Stream/download Unseam'd  below.