Late Night Death Party

Hometown electro-punks Duchess Says are back with their sophomore release In a Fung Day T!, a continuation of their dirt-caked dance music. It’s high-strung and dangerous, of a DFA 1979 persuasion. It’s a late night-death party egging you to join, and a pretty tempting proposition at that.

The essential crunching bass and frenetic drumming wrap together, tight and heavy. Blistering riffs and buzzing synth lines support Annie-Claude Deschênes’s hyper-aggressive vocal delivery, as she taunts, belts and screams. It’s intensity ten times over, washed out neon paint covering every square inch.

At times the redlining Moog melodies and wonky guitar riffs can blur together, and Deschênes’ singing isn’t always that engaging, but when everything lines up (like it often does here) the resulting force is enough to keep the sweaty dance going until the sun rises.

At its most melodic there’s a familiar (dare I say Metric-ish) sound to it, but the ever-present distortion keeps things away from any such delicacy. It’s less about the singing here too, sometimes as overdriven as the guitar. The bad trips and the rock bottoms are all here, pulling you into a rough world, but it’s one hell of a party.

Time to Reiterate [audio]