Oh, Lion Heart

Topanga is one of those bands that somehow manage to get your toes tapping before they even find their touring legs. The Toronto quartet have been together for less than a year, but have been working hard to spread the good word.

Their songs form from the sheer energy of Blue Album tributes and party punk-meets barber shop quartet singing. The lyrics are simple, but that just means they’ll get stuck in your head all the faster. Gang vocals take up a good chunk of this album, and they’re the kind everyone can join in on at the show.

There’s quite a lot of nostalgia packed into this record, old school rock & roll rhythms sped up and whisked into the bedrock of each tune. It’s a balancing act that takes time to achieve, but this band is well on their way. Topanga is a little (and free) record, but in its 4 songs you get a few different sides of this (kind of) self-proclaimed ugliest band in rock has to offer.

The two rockers “Lionheart” and “Back Against the Wall” show that Topanga have long removed their training wheels, moving at full throttle and building momentum. The two ballads presents the band’s range, especially album closer “Whiskey and Water” shows a whole other side of this young band. More than a little twang is deeply set into this end-of-the-night drunken singalong, a welcomed angle that just may set this band apart.