Keep it in the Family

Armed with fuzz, percussion and literal-as-hell lyrics, Nashville duo JEFF The Brotherhood crank out high-octane garage rock with no filler. With their first major release We Are the Champions, they show a bigger audience what those in their scene already know. They've been at this for some ten years, and the all that time has certainly paid off. While maintaining a rough sound, the music found on this LP is remarkably dynamic and catchy. Maybe they benefit from some musically biological connection here, Jake Orall sings and plays guitar while his brother Jamin is behind the kit. Apparently Jake + Jamin = Jeff.

They pack the slightly-awkward gusto that made Weezer so great in the beginning, but things here are much more party-punked up. The redlining garage rock guitar tone is the critical element, where sometimes feedback is the only thing holding the groove together, like on the slow-jam "Endless Fire." The brothers may not be breaking any new ground sonically, but the brimming energy and unorthodox catchiness more than makes up for that. It's definitely the kind of music that would benefit from experiencing it live, and the fact that Warner Bros. picked these guys up gives me hope for major labels to finally move away from solely signing fiscally "safe" acts.

Stay Up Late[audio]