Floating Vibes

Tyler Scurlock of Sun Hotel goes solo to produce something entirely more intimate and passive with his latest effort under the moniker Shark's Teeth. While among bandmates the result has been gospel-inspired indie rock, on his own the result is much more minimal. His latest work Gazebo is a pristine, delicate record, held together with building ambiance and the odd guitar line. There's a sense of elegance about this album, and not just because of album art sporting a driver inviting you to come for a limo ride.

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The record is a lush experience, with flittering electronic haze and minimal vocal work, seeming to allude to leisure and faith. Often the heavily affected singing is hard to make out, making it another element to the docile atmosphere rather than a focal point. Perhaps "Suffered From" is the best example of this, where ethereal vocoded singing is rendered incomprehensible overtop faint dub drums.

There are points in the album where it can seem like you're trapped in a neverending segue ("Living Off"), but thankfully these moments pay off when the more clearly defined songs do show their face. Tension flows into release as the first seconds of "About" and "Good Responder" rise from ambient space. It's when explicit structure reveals itself from this record's reverb-y fog that makes this the kind of record worth paying attention to the little sonic details. Gazebo is music for a quiet Sunday morning, or late-night reflection. It's not a grabber, but you just may find yourself sinking into this record.