A Soft Parade

Emerging from a dark Canadian winter to bask in warm summer months, Folly & the Hunter's full-length Residents tells a story of calm survival. Each song blossoms through slow-building movements, becoming much more than the sum of its parts.

The Montreal trio creates delicate, artfully complimentary arrangements. A Sufjan-like pastel picture is created through instrumentation including a banjo, piano, and acoustic guitars. Soft vocals slip into falsetto when the moment is right, with harmonies and instrumental accents embellishing the melodic delivery. The results are clean yet compelling folk sounds.

"Traffic" is one of the best examples, where bright piano lines push through building string movements. It all comes to a climax after a few simple words resonating in near silence.

We were stuck in traffic for most of our lives Staring at the passing cars Waiting, at the light

This record is uplifting, melancholic, and beautifully sad. There's a sense of comfort in community here, from the doubled vocal tracks to the tightly-bound folk instrumentation. Folly & the Hunter bring a cohesive, dynamic collection of songs held close to the heart, and it all seems pretty damn earnest.

Traffic[audio http://killerbabytomatoes.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/06-traffic.mp3]