Carry That Weight

The latest from Caddywhompus is a continuation of their rough, catchy sound. Released on Saturday, The Weight further solidifies the duo's brand of treble-heavy noise pop.

The Texas-turned-New Orleans based musicians' new EP has all the familiar elements of their sound, packed into four solid tracks. Chris Rehm's vocals cut through his guitar's feedback and distortion, still sounding like Perry Farrell through a pipe bomb microphone. Sean Hart's drumming more than supports the song structure, it provides the dynamics and versatility that makes this sound work.

All the time that these two musicians have spent making music together becomes evident on this record. They can jump from the dancey to the ambient in a matter of seconds, and always hold onto a wholly original sound while drawing influence from across the board.

The Weight's centrepiece ends up being seven-minute long "The Others," a track that fits the band's whole dynamic range into one song. It begins with a rare sighting of clean guitar before falling into an upbeat groove, then morphing into its crashing, noisy end. A couple Avey Tare-like screams are thrown in as its lo-fi energy bursts at the seams.

It's tension and release in its barest form, garage rock for the twinkle enthusiast. Caddywhompus have something special going on, and hopefully this record is a mark of big things to come.