When the Revolution Comes

It would be hard not to notice the cynicism in the title of The United Sons of Toil's new record. With When the Revolution Comes, Everything Will Be Beautiful the band sees the world crumbling around them, and respond with the sincerest swan song they can muster. It holds a mirror to the nature of capital gains, in true punk rock libertarian fashion.

Maybe the hope of a Middle America revolution is a little far fetched, but this record aims to do something different. Through the sometimes incomprehensible Glassjaw vocals and distorted noise rock guitar the band shows animosity towards false hope in a new world order. They sing of class warfare working to the detriment of democracy, where greed always conflates with the notion of the state.

The record's politics all but overshadow the musical work, with band members always building a heavy rhythmic framework for the vocals. Everything rumbles under rough production, maintaining the genre's Dischord-inspired D.I.Y work ethic. The loose song structure builds and releases tension under a heavy drone, forever pissed-off at the powers that be.

The Concept of the Urban Guerilla [audio http://killerbabytomatoes.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/04-the-concept-of-the-urban-guerrilla.mp3]