Southern Fried Noise Rock

[youtube=] Young Widows have truly come into their own with their latest dose of southern fried noise rock. In And Out Of Youth And Lightness is a perfect showcase for the dark, brooding sounds of the Louisville trio, a record that hones in on a refurbished sound. Things are still noisy, but in a much heavier, atmospheric way.

Everything sounds rough. The drums are thick and bassy, guitar heavy with reverb and distortion, and vocals bursting at the seams at points of prophetic ecstasy. It's the soundtrack to a pagan ritual. Hypnotic echoed voices draw you into a dark hole, brooding in filth.

It's abrasive and repetitious in the most grooving ways possible. Post punk guitar waves crash over tribal rhythms, bleeding each song into the next. "Lean on the Ghost" is a solemn march, leading into a dynamically different solemn march in "The Muted Man." Moods ebb and flow over the record, reacting to the heaviest and softest moments of this experimental drone. The ride is one fluid trip - a dark, lonely one.