Fight Like Animals, Die Like Men

[audio] Fight Like Animals Reclaim the Dual Guitar Solo for the Drum Machine Age

This would make a pretty cool video game soundtrack, and not just because these songs almost sound built for Guitar Hero. In the Company of Monsters is a two-man take on arena rock by Miami's Fight Like Animals, guitar-driven music with synth-heavy backing tracks that would make Van Halen proud.

But that's not to say this music is automatically dated, even if a dual-guitar-solo takes centre stage for most of the record. The instrumental rock duo's mini prog symphonies rely heavily on midi, but the live guitar playing holds all the melody. High voltage leads sit in the foreground of epic ambiances, an homage to the legacy of the guitar solo.

This record is a solid effort at merging high-energy electronica with '80s six-string flair, even if the resulting product is a little one-dimensional. The album is just shy of 20 minutes - a perfect length to prevent the guitar wanking from becoming tiresome - but a longer effort would definitely need some more variety.