Acid Wash the Keyboard


Washed-out purples and asymmetry adorn the cover of The Meaning of Our Labor, the latest from North Carolinian electronic artist Tall Fields. The art matches the mood of the record perfectly, as a static rendition of its synth-induced smokescreen.

This record doesn't quite achieve a sound of its own, but its impersonal looping and minimalistic percussion does make good use of familiar keyboard tones. Little melodies repeat through effects filters; simple lines pile up creating waves of soft arrangements. The majority of this stuff is slow-building downtempo, performed as fluid movements in succession.

It's music to get lost in, on the dance floor or in headphones - best heard at enveloping volume levels. Most of the work on here is apparently recorded live, and by the sounds of things Tall Fields put in the hours to ensure a tight performance. While nothing sounds the least bit flubbed or off-time, some effects lose their power on the live tracks. This is a promising start, now let's see what comes next.