All the Real Love


It's a pretty rare thing to hear a band nearly break into "Stand By Me" and make it work. With their LP Coast, New Orleans-born Sun Hotel push blue notes into indie pop songs.

The vocals are the centerpiece of this record, with plenty of magnetic four-part hooks rooted in rock & roll. Several sections reek of  bluesy sorrow, a sound that this record seems to aim at. It's definitely got that indie rock tagline attached to it, but the singing takes the music in a different direction. It's almost like they're trying to make the blues a completely uplifting experience; maybe these guys are a Christian rock band in disguise.

There are traces of New Orleans blues in the vocals, with guitars transplanting sounds from Manchester. All the songs are pretty poppy, but in a way amicably different than top 40. This stuff has soul, a trait not so common with the amount of synthesizers in music today.

“Rediscovery” has the guitars and drums nearly pushing the song apart, harmonized vocal line calmly holding things together. Only one voice is left standing by the end, and Tyler Scurlock's is strong enough to pull it off. Maybe it's the fact that he doesn't need a blanket of reverb to sound good that makes this record sound so refreshing. It's undoctored, catchy passion, and there's something unusually human about that.