Nightmare on Rave Street

“It's like a nightmare on rave street, like if John Carpenter had a band.” - Sebastien Grainger

The drummer from disbanded dance-punk explosion Death From Above 1979 is back behind the kit with elctro-dance duo Bad Tits.

“It seems really new to me,” explained Grainger. “I'm playing half drum kit half sampler, everything's heavily effected, very experimental, very improvisational. We don't have any written lyrics, we just sort of improvise.”

Compared to members' past projects, this is a totally new approach. “We get down to the basic requirements of music, and it ends up being far more performance oriented. It's a lot more free, it's also weird, a lot more weird than the other things I've done.”

“We use [a projector onstage] as much as we can... it's pretty important,” he continued. “I mean our concept for this band is for it to be like if you were stoned and walked into a bar and something weird was happening.”

The band's debut EP, Garbage Nights, was released this year and recorded in Toronto during last year's garbage strike. With barely anything written beforehand the group spent an afternoon creating improvised psychedelic noise-rock.

“It's a totally different [approach to recording], it's part of our modus operandi with this band - don't commit to anything early on, enjoy the moment of creativity and not revise it too much... With this band we have a kind of aesthetic template we use and a feeling,” said Grainger. “[We're] trying to make something different.”

“After [releasing Garbage Nights] there was a reason to start playing live.” Although immediate results were not so satisfying. “We got together and tried to play these songs that we only ever played in an afternoon in the studio, and found that not only did it not sound good but it didn't translate.”

But maybe that was for the best, because this lack of translation forced Bad Tits to rework and write more material that Grainger calls “a lot more dance oriented.”

For the next recording session the band will approach the album in a similar way. “We're not going to be precious about it, that's an attitude I reserve for my solo material and Josh [Reichmann ] uses for solo material... but with this one we're probably going to record the next release in our practice space,” said Grainger about their post-tour plans. “We're probably going to take the attitude we have from the live show and bring it to the studio.”

“We have a really good feeling about this project just because of the reception we've had at the shows... but that's sort of not good enough at this point. I want to really find out how this translates in a show perspective... if it works out we're ready to put more energy into it.” Grainger said. “I'm not interested in pushing myself onto people unnecessarily. If it works it works, if doesn't, what are you going to do?”