A steamy video with a dark ending for Etiquette's "Attention Seeker"

With their video for "Attention Seeker", Etiquette — the lush pop project from Holy Fuck's Graham Walsh and vocalist/artist Julie Fader — make it crystal clear (as if it wasn't already) that they're writing make-out music. But there's more to this video than steamy windows. Interspersed between the car sex scenes is a man driving a (different) car — and you don't know why until the video's tragic ending. But the message here holds beauty among the bleakness — the two lovers in such throes of passion that they never leave the garage after starting the car. Or the (darker) alternative that we're watching a double suicide.

Pleasantries is out now on Hand Drawn Dracula. Catch them March 27 at Bar le Ritz P.D.B. with Programm and Year of Glad